Interest: 0.5%-0.6%
Daily for 230 Business days
Principal Included
Min Investment: $0.02
Max Investment: $1000


Interest: 0.65%-0.75%
Daily for 240 Business days
Principal Included
Min Investment: $10
Max Investment: $10000


Interest: 0.85%-1.00%
Daily for 250 Business days
Principal Included
Min Investment: $100
Max Investment: $50000

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Welcome To Forex Invest

Being founded in 2017, Forex Invest provides everyone interested with a professional Forex asset management and enlarges the number of satisfied customers throughout the world. Our mission is a fair and transparent cooperation with any investor regardless to the investment value he has. The process of investing has never been that simple with the payment gateways we accept. Simply open a personal account with us, choose your investment plan we offer and a preferred payment processor of those we accept and deposit your money. That's it!

About Us!

Any person who decides to trade on the Forex market himself always wants to get the maximum income at a minimum of losses. For the decision of this problem it is required constant and intense work. But not all investors have enough time for it; as a result, if they try to trade in the shortest possible time, without analyzing seriously all changes on the market, they often suffer losses. Thanks to the new system, a whole group of professional traders disposes your money, what reduces the risks to a minimum. They take the difficult decisions!

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